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Human Trafficking Victims
Profits Traffickers Make
Each Year
Increase in Human Trafficking
Since 2018
(1M+) Estimated Victims of Human Trafficking
In the United States as of 2023

Altus Builds & Scales

Solutions that Strengthen Community Response

To End & Prevent Human Trafficking

Education Solutions

Justice U™, a pioneering online learning platform, swiftly delivers knowledge from experts in the anti-trafficking movement to those who need it, with the tools every modern learner needs today.  From online courses to blended learning programs to app integrations, we can help everyone, everywhere gain the knowledge they need to make an impact.  Learn more at learnwithjusticeu.com.

Technology Solutions

The award-winning Engage Together® project provides the tools, trainings, technology and support that every community needs to succeed.  Through our collaborative process and technologies, states gain the insights they need to know their current strengths, gaps, needs, and opportunities to engage the entire community in the solution.  Learn more at engagetogether.com.

Innovation Solutions

We are a team of subject matter experts with decades of experience building solutions to end human trafficking and protect vulnerable populations in every state and on every continent except Antarctica.  We are at the ready to help your organization, community, state, or country consider, design, or drive solutions that will elevate your impact to new heights.  Contact us today to learn more.

Get started today with

Justice U provides both baseline and advanced education for justice advocates everywhere to end human trafficking. Get equipped with the knowledge you need to make an impact.  Begin today by taking a Justice U course.

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Our Leadership Team

With Our Trusted Partners

Business Solutions

Expand your CSR, ESG, or community engagement strategies to help end human trafficking through our Business for Good coaching and certification programs in partnership with the AFRJ®.

Healthcare Professionals

Equip your healthcare professionals to recognize and respond to human trafficking in your local community through our Healthcare Response to Human Trafficking solutions.

Coalitions & Task Forces

Strengthen your strategies and enhance your collaborations to end and prevent human trafficking through the award-winning Engage Together Project.

Schools and Educators

Equip all school personnel to identify child trafficking, develop protocols, and empower students to stay safe through our solutions for Educators & Schools.

Child Serving Professionals

Equip every child-serving professional in your network or state through our accredited and customizable Essential Knowledge to Address CSEC training solutions.

Children and Youth

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Justice Advocates

Looking for solutions to accelerate your impact?

We’re passionate about partnership.  Whether you’ve been working to address human trafficking for years or are just now getting started, we are committed to helping you succeed.  We would be honored to meet with you and explore how we can elevate and accelerate your impact – together.  Contact us today.

Calling all

Impact Investors

We are currently welcoming new impact investors to join us in scaling solutions to end human trafficking. Join forces with our lead investor, Eagle Venture Fund, if you share a passion for catalyzing significant impact. Contact us today to learn more.

Please note, this current impact investment opportunity is open to accredited investors only. If that’s you, we would love to meet you and share more! Contact us today.

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